Top 5 Best Smoked Chicken Wings Recipes and Ideas for 2023

Every meat-eating BBQ enthusiast needs some ideas for making the best smoked chicken wings recipes.

Smoked chicken wings are the perfect side appetizer for any barbecue, and they don’t take too long to smoke either – about an hour at 225F.

Best Chicken Wings Recipes
Best Smoked Chicken Wings Recipes

Best Smoked Chicken Wings Recipes and Ideas

1 Buffalo Hot Smoked Chicken Wings

You can’t mention smoked wings and leave out the classic and delicious Buffalo hot sauce. Something about that tangy, spicy buttery taste is unavoidably addictive.

This recipe calls for a few extra tweaks in the sauce to take it to another level.

Smoked Buffalo Hot Chicken Wings

If you’re really wanting to get into it try making your own fermented hot sauce at home, instead of adding the usual Frank’s Red Hot Sauce or Tabasco.

Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe

2 Traeger Korean BBQ Chicken Wings

The fiery, citrusy, sweet and tangy flavours of Korean BBQ are something you really have to try. They really do have the ability to take your chicken wings to higher heights.

This great Traeger recipe only takes 1 hour smoked over cherry wood and really strikes the right balance of spicy and sweet.

3 Meat Church BBQ Bourbon Wings

Using the delicious Meat Church Holy Cow rub and some simple ingredients, this is a real crowdpleaser.

The sauce for these wings combines 2 popular ingredients – bourbon and BBQ sauce. Enough said.

4 Chimichurri Chicken Wings in the Smoker

A lot of people think that Chimichurri sauce should only be used on red meats such as steak, but it’s equally delicious served with crispy smoked chicken wings.

The fresh, herby, garlicky and slightly spicy taste of Chimichurri will bring your chicken wings to life.

5 Honey Hot Sauce Recipe

For a different take on the classic Buffalo hot sauce try this honey hot sauce.

It’s a really tangy, sweet and spicy sauce to serve with smoked chicken wings. You might even like it better than Buffalo!

Honey Hot Sauce for Wings

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