Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe (Z Grills, Pit Boss, Traeger, Masterbuilt etc)

If you are looking for a great beef brisket alternative, it’s well worth considering this chuck roast on pellet smoker recipe. Smoked chuck roast can be sliced thinly just like brisket or shredded with a fork to make pulled beef, and it can be cooked in around 6 hours.

Chuck roast comes from around the neck and shoulders of the animal, above the brisket and shank cut and it is a tough cut of meat that is perfect for smoking. Have a look at the diagram below to see where this cut comes from.

beef cuts

Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe

How Long to Cook Chuck Roast on Pellet Grill?

If you are smoking at 250F or 121C it will take a 3-4 pound chuck roast around 6 hours to come up to a final internal temperature of 200F or 93C. You will need to wrap the chuck roast in foil when it reaches 165-170F or 74-77C.

When to Wrap Chuck Roast

Wrap your chuck roast when it reaches an internal temperature of 165-170F or 74-77C and then return it to the pellet smoker until it reaches a final temperature of around 200F or 93C.

Is Chuck Roast Good on a Pellet Smoker?

Chuck roast certainly is good on a pellet smoker, in fact it’s a great alternative to smoking brisket which takes around half the cooking time. A 3-4 pound smoked chuck roast will feed around 6-8 people and makes for a great family dinner.

It can be served thinly sliced or pulled apart for pulled beef.

Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe
Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe

Smoked Chuck Roast Recipe

  • Take the chuck roast out of the fridge about 45 minutes before smoking to come up to room temperature
  • Rub the roast all over with a little yellow mustard for a binder and dust the roast liberally with your favourite BBQ dry rub (or make the homemade one below)
  • Get your pellet smoker up to 250F or 121C filling the hopper with your wood of choice (mesquite or hickory are good for strong smoke flavour – try apple of cherry for a milder fruitier smoke flavour)
  • Place the chuck roast directly on the grills and close the lid – use a meat probe for ease of monitoring the internal temperature and spritz the beef with a little apple cider vinegar every hour so
  • Smoke the beef roast until the internal temperature reaches 165F or 74C (around 3 hours) and then wrap tightly in 2 layers of butcher’s paper or tinfoil – add a little hot beef broth (stock) to the wrap
  • Place the wrapped beef back in your pellet grill and smoke for another 3 hours or so until the internal temperature reaches around 200F 0r 93C
  • Rest the beef in the wrap for 15-20 minutes and then you have 2 choices for serving – cut into thin slices or pull apart for pulled beef
  • Serve in sandwiches or with fries, mashed or roast potatoes with all the trimmings
Chuck Roast on the Pellet Smoker Recipe For Pulled Beef Sandwiches
Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe – Pulled Beef Sandwiches
Sliced Chuck Roast on a Pellet Smoker
Sliced Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe

Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe Pit Boss

If you would like to see the process for chuck roast on pellet smoker recipe Pit boss have a look below:

Chuck Roast on Pellet Smoker Recipe – Pit Boss

Traeger Chuck Roast Like Brisket

If you want to research how to smoke a Traeger chuck roast like brisket, check out the video below. The chuck roast is smoked to perfection on a Traeger Ranger. Well worth a look!

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