Outback Gas BBQs Reviews

Having recently tried out no less than 3 Outback Gas BBQs we are now in a position to share with you our honest findings. 

Gas BBQs are not for everyone and here at BBQ Smoker Grill Blog you might imagine we would be suspicious at best. 

While no-one can deny the speed and efficiency of a gas barbecue, the signature charcoal taste just isn’t there.

If you are the kind of person who loves to leave out the changeable charcoal, or is simply not that into the smokey taste that is transferred, gas barbecues are perfectly practical.

And Outback do a pretty decent job with their gas BBQs. 

They are fast becoming one of the biggest barbecue companies in the UK and for good reason. 

There’s even a hybrid barbecue here where you use charcoal hybrid briquettes as well as your gas. Win-win right?

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Outback Gas BBQs – Grill What You Will

We reviewed these 3 different Outback gas BBQs on 5 factors:

  • Value for Money
  • Versatility
  • Usability
  • Durability
  • Product Features

Outback Gas BBQs Review No.1 – Outback Jupiter 4 Burner Hybrid Barbecue with Chopping Board

Before you even consider anything else, the Outback Jupiter 4 Burner Hybrid Barbecue really looks the part.

Few barbecue buyers might be asking themselves, ‘Do you know what colour of barbecue I want? A red one.’ Yet it actually looks arresting especially with a stainless steel body.

You can also get it in blue, green or just stainless steel all over.

This BBQ will definitely cook for a decent sized crowd, and maybe make you look pretty awesome too.

At £675 on Amazon it isn’t particularly cheap but let’s consider what you are getting for your money here.

It could be argued that Outback have successfully solved a lasting debate in the barbecue world – ‘Should I compromise on that age old satisfying taste of charcoal for the clean efficiency of gas?’

Maybe you can finally have both. 

There is a charcoal basket included which Outback encourages you to use with Outback® Hybrid Briquettes (other options available) but either way makes sure you get that charcoal flavour.

We like.

You also have a multi-cook sizeable grill which can hold a pizza stone (which isn’t included) or a grill pan, saucepan or even a wok if you like.

Very nice.

There are 4 stainless steel burners as well as a side burner that really pack heat. A lot of heat (be careful with those eyebrows).

Incidentally it also has integral spark ignition.

Happily you get a propane regulator as well as a hose.

You have a side table which has a removable wooden chopping board which is very handy for chopping herbs or last minute vegetables. 

That all important temperature gauge…. a single layer drip tray to catch that nasty hot fat.

You have a tool rack, and a warming rack.

Even a magnetic bottle opener.

Quite a few stops have been pulled out here.

Kitchen sink not included.

It is a heavy beast (for fiery beast it is) at 71kg, but then it has 4 wheels (unlike some barbecues with two wheels so you have to tip it to move it).

Being made of stainless steel it’s definitely durable and reliable. 

The controls (dare we say knobs) look great and allow for a lot of control of your barbecue, so good in terms of usability, along with the propane regulator and temperature gauge. 

Product features I think we have shown are pretty extensive already.

All round the only really cons are the price (although you do get a lot for your money) and the weight of the barbecue.

It might even be TOO hot if that’s the kind of thing that worries you. We don’t mind working fast on the grills, and the heat is fairly controllable.

Outback Gas BBQs Review No.2 – Outback Excel Onyx 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ with Side Burner

So onto a cheaper barbecue made by Outback – a 2 burner gas trolley with a side burner.

This one will cost you £315.99 on Amazon and also delivers a good deal for your money. 

What we like about it in particular is the fact that it has 2 main gas burners, allowing for 2 totally different temperature zones.

This obviously allows you to cook 2+ different types of heat but it also allows you to keep your meat warm after it has been cooked.

The side burner allows you to keep side dishes like baked potatoes or beans warm while you are cooking. 

We all know it can be a pain to run between your oven in the kitchen and your BBQ. 

It’s also really handy for keeping any sauces you want to use warm e.g. BBQ sauce, marinades etc. If you would like the recipe for our famous BBQ sauce try here:


It’s also worth adding that the Gas bottle holder makes the BBQ easy to settle into position, as well as keep everything as tidy and neat as possible. (Barbecues are seldom neat and tidy but you know what we mean!)

The folding side shelf is pretty great too because you can never have enough room for serving! It doesn’t really take up too much space when you aren’t using your BBQ either.

We hope that isn’t for long as barbecuing is an all year long fantastic way of cooking!

We also really enjoyed the integrated thermometer in the lid, as it’s so important to calculate temperature and time when cooking.

In terms of cooking for guests there is room for around 15+ burgers at a time, depending on the size of the burgers obviously. This is definitely decent enough for most family gatherings and parties. 

Other meats and vegetables are easy enough to factor in and get used to. Like everything practice makes perfect!

The wheels are also sturdy enough for the necessary movement for packing away and bringing the BBQ out. 

In terms of product features it’s worth considering that this barbecue has these aspects:

  • Lower level storage space
  • One folding side table
  • A Side burner which helps with extra cooking space
  • A Flame tamer
  • Two Burners Which Are Very Hot!
  • A lovely Warming rack for fantastic extra cooking space
  • In terms of portability and usability the BBQ only weighs 25.8kg

Outback Gas BBQs Review No.3 – Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas Barbecue

The Meteor 4 Burner Gas Barbecue has really helped in making Outback a definite UK gas barbecue market leader. 

It comes with a side burner, a (porcelain-enamelled) roasting hood, not to mention 2 cast iron grills, a drip tray for catching excess fat, as well as a very useful built-in storage tray.

It’s definitely more of a big gathering BBQ, and will help you deliver in a big way. 

It has a decently large area for cooking with a full grill to help you cook around 20 or so burgers, kebabs, or medium pieces of meat the whole way across. 

The porcelain in this product is brilliant at protecting the cast iron from rust which adds to the durability, and usability of this Outcast gas BBQ. It also helps with cleaning up afterwards.

The advantages of 4 cast iron burners will be clear to most – you can barbecue a lot of food at once and control the actual cooking temperature. 

There is also an additional side burner which happens to have a very helpful hinged lid, allowing for extra serving space – never a bad thing.

We also really like the side table to help with preparation and of course serving. 

A front panel storage drawer with a lovely (chrome-plated) warming rack including a porcelain-enamelled hood kicks ass also.

Here are the full specs for those would-be (but understandable skeptics)


  • Cooking area: 64 x 42cm
  • Side burner
  • Swing PE warming rack
  • Heat indicator
  • 2 wheels
  • PE coated hood
  • Fixed side burner table with bottle opener
  • 2/3 + 1/3 PE coated cast iron cooking grills
  • Pull out front drawer
  • 4 x Stainless steel burners
  • 4 x Stainless steel flame tamers
  • 2 x 50/50 PE coated cast iron cooking grills
  • Hybrid cooking charcoal basket
  • Includes hose and regulator
  • Piezo ignition
  • Swing PE warming rack
  • Dimensions: H128 x W140 x D61cm
  • Weight: 60kg

Having enjoyed all three of these splendid Outback gas BBQs recommendations (it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it) we have have to say that out final recommendation is………..

Hands down ……  Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas Barbecue.

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