Pulled Pork Burger Recipe

Pulled Pork Burger Recipe

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your burgers, try this pulled pork burger recipe. You won’t be disappointed!

The crispy, tasty and savoury taste and texture of pulled pork perfectly compliments a great burger, a little like crispy bacon but much better!

Pulled pork on top of a delicious burger with cheese lettuce and BBQ sauce is the perfect way to use up leftover pulled pork and it’s a delicious and delightful meal in itself.

Served with fries, salad, mac and cheese or coleslaw it’s an absolute winner of a dish all year round.

Pulled Pork Smoker Recipe

If you don’t have leftover pulled pork try this Pulled Pork in the Smoker Recipe.

Smoked Pulled Pork Adds So Much Flavour to Any Burger

Pulled Pork Burger Recipe

There is probably no better way to upgrade your burger than to add pulled pork to it. Bacon is good, cheese is mandatory but pulled pork is a thing of beauty on any burger, taking it to whole new levels. Especially with BBQ sauce!

  • Set your grills to a high heat – 450F
  • Roll ground beef into a palm-sized ball
  • Dust your beef with your favourite BBQ rub
  • Place your ground beef ball directly on hot grills and cover with Parchment paper
  • Press down on the beef with a Burger press or a Flat Iron Spatula
  • Flip your smashed burger and place a cheese slice on top
  • Toast your Burger Buns briefly in the Pan
  • Add your smash burger and cheese to one burger bun, along with a Little Gem Leaf (or Iceberg Lettuce) and sauces of choice
  • Add your reheated Pulled Pork to the top of your burger and place the other other bun on top as a lid
Pulled Pork Burger Recipe
Pulled Pork Burger Recipe

Reheating Leftover Pulled Pork

If you need to reheat leftover pulled pork there are 3 good ways to do so.

We would recommend reheating your pulled pork wrapped in foil in the oven, adding a little apple juice, oil or cider to prevent the pulled pork from drying out.

How to Reheat Leftover Pork

Smash Burger on the Grills

If you would like a very quick and easy grilled burger at high heat, have a look at this recipe for Smashed burgers. When you smash burgers you seal in the moisture and also allow the burgers to crisp up for maximum flavour and texture.

Adding pulled pork to these smash burgers is entirely addictive! You have been warned….

Smash Burgers Recipe for the Pellet Grills

Smoked Hamburgers for the Pellet Grills

Some people wonder why you should bother smoking your burgers rather than grilling them quickly over high heat.

The answer is surprisingly simple – smoking burgers low and slow infuses them with fantastic wood smoke flavours, just like any other meat or vegetable. Smoky burgers are more flavourful burgers period.

A Pulled Pork Burger Works Best on Smoked Burgers Cooked on the Pellet Grills

Sides for Pulled Pork Burgers

  • Fries – Potato or Sweet Potato
  • Onion Rings (Pickled Onion Rings are Fantastic)
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Pickled Gherkins
  • Barbecue Baked Beans
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Apple Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork Burgers

BBQ Homemade Sauce Recipes
BBQ Sauce Easy Guide
Easy Homemade Hot Sauce – Perfect on Burgers

For More Ideas on Pulled Pork Burger Recipes try here:


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