Smash Burgers Recipe for the BBQ Grills

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Smash Burgers Recipe

Need a great easy smash burgers recipe? We have got you covered.

Smash burgers are the ultimate in takeaway food. They are easy and quick to assemble and super fast to cook.

They caramelise and cook quickly because they are so thin giving a delicious crispy, juicy and fully beefy taste.

This recipe involves using a cast iron skillet on hot BBQ grills, but you can also do this on the stove or an indoor (or outdoor) griddle.

This recipe makes 2 patties to be served in one bun for 1 person, but you can scale this up depending on how many guests you have.

For a fuller smokier taste we would recommend smoking hamburgers.

What Are Smash Burgers?

As the name suggests, smash burgers are squashed down with a spatula or press so that they are much thinner than ordinary beef burgers. 

The ‘smashing’ is done within 30 seconds of them going on a high heat, and this causes the proteins in the meat to break down quickly.

The flavour is intensified, making the meat charred, toasted and tasty. 

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Smash Burgers Recipe Step 1 – Prepare the Patties


Fine Sea Salt 

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Ground Beef – 20% Fat to 80% Lean is Best

Optional – Onion Salt, Splash of Worcester Sauce.

You will need parchment paper cut into squares to place over your patties, and a burger press or thin flat spatula to smash them.

Roll your burger mince into 2 balls weighing roughly 3-4 ounces (around 100g) and put them in the fridge for 30mins. 

You can also put them in the freezer for 15mins to save time.

We want our meat to be cold when it goes on the heat, to retain moisture in the burgers.

While your meat cools you can prepare toppings of your choice – pickled gherkins, chopped red onions, lettuce and sliced beef tomato are all popular choices.

We like to keep our burgers simple – lettuce, cheese and Buffalo Hot Sauce. It’s buttery, spicy and vinegary. Delicious!

You have to try this recipe for Buffalo Hot sauce with your smashed burger – it’s unreal and quick to make:

If you don’t like heat, ketchup, burger sauce or mayo are great options too.

Take the patties out of the fridge right before you are ready to cook them.

Smash Burgers Recipe Step 2 – Smashing the Patties

Make sure your BBQ is medium hot and ready to cook on.

If you some advice on lighting your BBQ – try here:

Put a cast iron skillet or heatproof pan on the grills and let it get hot.

You won’t need any oil because much like bacon, burger mince has plenty of fat.

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Smash Burgers Recipe

Put the 2 patties on the preheated skillet, and place a square of parchment paper on top of each one. This will stop any sticking to the spatula.

You’ll need to work very quickly now. Press down on the patties with a spatula or burger press until they are as flat as you can make them.

Remove the parchment paper and discard. 

Season both patties with salt and pepper, and add a pinch of onion salt and a little splash of Worcestershire sauce if using.

Smash Burgers Recipe Step 3 – Flip the Patties and Add Cheese

Cook the smashed burgers until you get a crust forming around the edges – this is what smashed burgers are all about. This will take in and around 2 minutes.

Now carefully use your spatula to get underneath the patties and flip them over. Try not to let any of the meat stick to the pan, you want all of those lovely crispy bits in your burger.

Season the cooked side of the burger with salt and pepper, and add onion salt and a little dash of Worcestershire sauce like you did before.

Now add a slice of cheese to each patty.

Cook for a couple of minutes more until the cheese is starting to melt nicely.

Set one patty on top of the other and then lift them both off at the same time with your spatula.

Smash Burgers Recipe Step 4 – Serving the Patties

Serve your smashed burgers in a lightly toasted brioche bun with lettuce and Buffalo Hot Sauce or the accompaniments of your choice.

Try your best not to make a mess with those lovely meat juices!

FAQ’s About Smash Burgers

What Should I Smash My Burger With?

Ideally you want to use a thin, flat spatula with plenty of surface area to help you press your burger as much as possible. You can also use a bacon or burger press.

How Much Should a Smash Burger Patty Weigh?

For best results each smash burger patty should be between 3-4 ounces. It will resemble a large meatball.

Why Are Smash Burgers so Good?

Smash burgers taste so good because you end up with a crispy, charred crust that is restaurant quality. You also keep all the lovely juices of a regular burger.

What is the Difference Between Smash Burgers and Regular Burgers?

Smash burgers are squashed down during cooking to make a thin, crispy patty with a well browned crust. They cook and caramelise quickly because they are only about 1/4 inch thick. Regular burgers have a much larger and thicker patty which takes longer to cook.

Are Smash Burgers Less Juicy than Regular Burgers?

As long as you don’t overcook your smash burger patties they still retain plenty of moisture. They are cooked quickly at high heat which seals the juices in. They shouldn’t be less juicy than regular burgers if they are properly cooked.

Smash Burgers Recipe

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