Top 10 Ooni Oven Recipes That Aren’t Pizza

Your Ooni pizza oven is great for cooking much more than just pizza. The high heat and wood-fired smokiness are perfect for all sorts of other dishes you might not have thought of.

Here are our favourite Ooni recipes not pizza related.

Best Ooni Recipes That Aren't Pizza
Best Ooni Recipes That Aren’t for Pizza
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Top 10 Ooni Recipes Not Pizza Related

Ooni Meat Recipes

1 Steak in the Ooni Pizza Oven

If you have a decent cast iron pan or skillet the Ooni oven is great for cooking a steak quickly at high heat, and it also imparts a delicious wood smoke taste.

It’s best to heat the cast iron skillet or pan first in the Ooni so that when you add your steak the pan will be hot enough to sear it on all sides.

If the fat in the steak flares up don’t panic just move the pan around a little. Crispy fat is tasty fat.

This is definitely one of the best Ooni cast iron skillet recipes!

Cooking Steak in an Ooni Pizza Oven

Watch a video of the process on our Instagram account below.

2 Ooni Recipes Not Pizza but Close – Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy garlic bread is absolutely delicious in the Ooni oven, and it’s really easy to do.

You only need garlic, oil, cheese and parsley to top your bread dough and you have an amazing side dish or appetizer.

Have a look at our recipe here:

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Or watch the Youtube video here:

Easy Cheesy Garlic Pizza in the Ooni Oven

3 Delicious Meatball Sliders with Caramelized Onions and Cheese

This great recipe for your Ooni pizza oven comes directly from Ooni themselves.

Sliders are a fantastic side dish or starter for any party or get together, and infusing them with wood-fired taste in your Ooni oven will leave your guests craving more.

This Ooni oven recipe is a real winner but also easy to make.

4 Teriyaki Salmon in the Ooni Oven

This recipe also comes from Ooni themselves and it’s absolutely delicious.

Salmon has a high fat content which allows it to stand up well to the high heat in an Ooni oven.

Using a cast iron pan or skillet which conducts the heat well means your delicious Teriyaki salmon fillet will be ready in minutes.

Ooni recipe for Teriyaki salmon.

Ooni Recipes Not Pizza - Try Teriyaki Salmon
Ooni Recipes Not Pizza – Try Teriyaki Salmon
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5 Lobster Tails and Wild Shrimp Recipe

This recipe is an absolutely fantastic way to cook lobster and wild shrimp (prawns in the UK) in your Ooni oven.

The flame that travels along the top of your Ooni oven imparts that smoky, sweet flavour that seafood deserves.

Lobster and Wild Shrimp in the Ooni Oven

6 Goose Fat Roast Potatoes

This is another great recipe directly from Ooni themselves.

Roast potatoes do surprisingly well at the high heat an Ooni oven produces, giving that perfect combo of crispy outside and fluffy inside that we all know and love.

Goose fat (or you can substitute duck fat) is undeniably the most luxurious and effective way to crisp up roast potatoes.

Ooni Goose Fat Roast Potatoes

7 Buffalo Chicken Wings – A Fantastic Starter

This is another fabulous recipe you might not have considered making in your Ooni oven.

You can choose between blue cheese dressing, Buffalo sauce or garlic parmesan sauce to serve with your Ooni cooked chicken wings.

Spoiler – all 3 are completely delicious and you might not be able to choose between them!

Ooni Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

8 Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread does really well in the Ooni oven and it takes on that delicious wood smoke really well too.

This is an easy but effective and rewarding recipe that you might keep coming back to again and again.

Ooni Focaccia Bread Recipe

9 Moroccan Spiced Flatbreads

Flatbreads are the perfect thing to bake in your Ooni oven giving you a light woodsmoke flavour which pairs perfectly with any Middle Eastern tagine, or Middle Eastern dish such as kebabs.

Simple but hugely effective and tasty.

Ooni Moroccan Spiced Flatbreads Recipe

Ooni Recipes that aren't Pizza - Spicy Moroccan Flatbreads
Ooni Recipes that aren’t Pizza – Spicy Moroccan Flatbreads

10 Smash Burgers in the Ooni Oven

Smash burgers have become a real go-to food in recent times because of their crispy and quickly cooked nature. Most people don’t think of making them in the Ooni oven however, but there’s absolutely no reason why not.

The high heat and short cooking time of smash burgers is absolutely perfect for the Ooni oven, and you can infuse that wonderful smoky taste that you won’t get from a pan or conventional oven.

Ooni Smash Burgers

FAQ’S About Ooni Recipes Not Pizza Related

What Else can I Use an Ooni For?

Although your Ooni oven is primarily set up for cooking pizza, you can use an Ooni to cook lots of other things as well. It is particularly well suited for cooking quickly at high heat, and here are some examples of things to cook in your Ooni:

  • Steaks
  • Foccacia Bread
  • Flatbreads and Naan Breads
  • Burgers
  • Sausages
  • Chicken wings, thighs and breasts
  • Kebab Meats on Skewers
  • Fried Eggs
  • Salmon Fillets
  • Vegetables that cook quickly e.g. asparagus, scallions, finely chopped onions, peppers
  • Even some desserts e.g. chocolate chip cookies, sticky toffee pudding or cinnamon rolls!

Is Ooni Not Just for Pizza?

While Ooni ovens are designed for being pizza ovens, Ooni is definitely not just for pizza. You can cook a whole array of foods in your Ooni oven including steaks, kebabs, sausages, burgers, fried eggs, and breads to name but a few.

How to Cook a Steak in an Ooni?

The best way to cook a steak in an Ooni is to use a cast iron skillet or pan. Preheat the skillet or pan in the Ooni oven at high for best results.

Season your steak, add a little butter or oil and then put it into the preheated pan or skillet. Place it in the Ooni oven at high heat, and put the front cover on the oven. You’ll need to watch it closely at this high heat and turn it over halfway through. For medium rare you’ll need 3-4 minutes a side and for medium to well 4-5 minutes a side.

Why Can’t I use Ooni Indoors?

There are 2 very good reasons you should not use Ooni indoors – one is the high risk of fire from a wood burning oven, and the other is the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning from burning wood.

Wood burning pizza ovens such as Ooni are designed to be used outside.

Can Ooni Sit on any Table?

An Ooni can sit on any table that is big enough to contain it and balance the weight of the oven. Make sure you use a table which doesn’t have wobbly legs or is uneven for extra safety. Ooni ovens get very hot!

It’s best to use a stainless steel or at least a metal table as it’s too easy to get scorch marks on a wooden one.

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