Smoked Steak Recipes Collection

You just can’t beat smoked steak in the BBQ Smoker, at any and all times of the year. Have a look at our various smoked steak recipes below.

Smoked Steak Recipes

If you have small expensive individual steaks such as ribeye, or thin steaks like flank or hanger steak then the best way to cook them is to grill them for a short time at a high heat.

For larger cuts of beef such as Tomahawk steak, eye of round, chuck roast (especially for pulled beef) smoking your steak in the smoker for a longer time to infuse it with wood and charcoal flavours is always a fantastic option.

Smoking Steak and Beef Recipes

If you need inspiration and ideas for smoking steak and beef try this article.

10 Best Smoking Recipes for Steak & Beef

Reverse Seared Steak on the Smoker

Unlike grilling and searing steak at a high heat, smoking a steak requires you to reverse sear the meat. Instead of searing the meat first you smoke the meat low and slow and then finish it off at a higher heat to make sure you get that all important char and crust on the outside.

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Reverse Seared Smoked Steak Recipes

Smoking Tomahawk Steak

Shaped like a Tomahawk axe, this mighty cut of steak is well worth smoking slow and low.

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Best Tomahawk Smoked Steak Recipes

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Tomahawk Steak in the Smoker

Smoked Tri Tip Steak Recipe

Tri tip steak (sometimes called trisket) has become one of the more popular and best meats to smoke. Try out this recipe below.

Tri Tip Steak Smoker Recipe

Carne Asada Tacos

If you love Mexican style steak tacos you’ll want to check out this recipe.

Grilled Chimichurri Steak on the Pellet Grills

Try this delicious Chimichurri steak recipe out on your BBQ smoker when you the chance.

Pellet Grills Chimichurri Steak