Top 5 Best Wood Pellets for Smoking and Grilling on the Pellet Grills

After trying various different wood pellets over the years, these are our 5 best wood pellets for smoking and grilling on the pellet grills.

All 5 of these wood pellets are great to use and all have more good points than bad. They aren’t in any particular order but your own preference, context and budget will need to be factored in to decide which ones are best for you.

The criteria we used to determine which wood pellets worked best for us is as follows:

  • Value for money
  • Clean burn and smoke
  • Overall flavour
  • How long the pellets last in the smoker
  • Overall Quality of the pellets
  • How much ash they produced

Best Wood Pellets for Your Pellet Smoker
Top 5 Best Wood Pellets for Smoking and Grilling on the Pellet Grills

Top 5 Best Wood Pellets for Smoking and Grilling on the Pellet Grills

Remember that a well insulated solid wood pellet grill, such as a Pit Boss 500 Sportsman Pellet Grill for example will make sure your pellets last longer and produce more heat.

It’s also worth mentioning that this wood pellet grill offers free shipping and affordable monthly payments for those on a budget.

If you aren’t too worried about pricing, we would happily recommend the Pit Boss 1100 Sportsman Grill which has both Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities.

Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend BBQ Pellets

Best Wood Pellets for Smoking on the Pellet Grills - Bear Mountain
Best Wood Pellets for Smoking – Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Premium Hardwood Pellets

What’s Good About These Pellets

  • Not Much Sawdust in the Bag
  • Low Moisture Content for a Good Clean Burn and Smoke
  • Versatile – Can Be Used for Poultry, Lamb, Seafood, Beef & Vegetables – This Means You Don’t Have to Buy lots of Different Pellets for Different Meats Which Saves Money
  • A Sweet but not Overpowering Smoke Taste
  • Good Sized Pellets For Longer Smoke Times
  • Good Quality Pellets – not Crumbly or too Dusty
  • Not too Much Ash Left After Pellets Burn For Easier Clean Up

What’s not so Good

  • May be a little mild for those who like a strong smoke flavour.

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Pit Boss Competition Blend Hardwood Pellets

What’s Good

  • Great All Round Complex Flavour – Savoury, Sweet and a Little Bit Tart
  • Used by Competition BBQ Pitmasters
  • Value for Money – Especially if you buy Straight From Pit Boss Themselves
  • 100% Hardwood Pellets – No Fillers, Binders or Additives
  • Also Versatile – Use them for a Variety of Meats and Veg so You Don’t Have to Buy Lots of Different Pellets
  • Good Clean Burn and Smoke
  • Not Too Much Ash for Easy Clean Up

What’s Not So Good

  • Some Customers say the Flavour is Too Mild Meaning More Time is Required in the Smoker
  • Some Pellets Can Be a Little Crumbly At Times

Traeger Signature Blend Premium Hardwood Pellets

What’s to Like

  • 4.8 Star reviews on Amazon after 32,136 reviews!
  • Great Flavour and Authentic Smoke Taste – Blends Hickory, Apple and Cherry for All Round Flavour
  • Versatility – Use on Lots of Different Meats and Veg
  • Clean Burn and Smoke
  • Low Ash
  • No Binders or Additives
  • Good Burn Rate – Around 1 Pound Per Hour or Less
  • Consistent Quality

What’s a Bit of a Concern

  • A little pricey – Pit Boss is much more affordable

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Pit Boss Whiskey Barrel Blend Wood Pellets

Why They Rock

  • Wood and Whiskey Always Works
  • Aromatic, Sweet, Smoky All Round Flavour
  • Pairs Really Well With Red Meat
  • Pit Boss is Always Affordable
  • Decent Quality for the Price
  • Definitely a Clean Burn and Smoke – Decent Heat From the Pellets Too

A Small Concern

  • Some Customers Say too Much Dust (We Haven’t Found This but It’s Worth Keeping in Mind)

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Cookinpellets Premium Perfect Mix

What’s To Like

  • Good Smoke and Even Heat
  • Good Quality
  • Affordable
  • Last a Good While in the Smoker
  • A Tasty Blend of Hickory, Maple, Cherry and Apple
  • All Rounder Award Winning Wood Pellet
  • Low Ash

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For another useful and well researched article on the best wood pellets to use in your smoker try here:

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