Easy Smoking Sausage on the Pellet Grills Recipe

Smoking sausage on the pellet grills is easy and fun, not to mention much quicker than many other smoked meats.

Smoke one type of sausage or better yet, try smoking a whole load of different varieties at once.

This easy smoked sausage recipe is for the delicious, herby and spicy South African Boerewors sausage, although you can think of it as a guideline for whatever type of raw sausage you are smoking.

Easy Smoked Sausage Recipe for the Pellet Grills
Easy Smoked Sausage Recipe for the Pellet Grills

Easy Smoking Sausage on the Pellet Grills Recipe

This recipe is for a ready made sausage with South African flavours, but if you want to make your own sausage it’s a fairly straightforward process. Try below to help.

Homemade Easy Smoked Sausage Recipe
  • Preheat your wood pellet grill to 225F (107C) and let it smoke with lid open for 15 mins or so to get rid of ash or unwanted chemicals. Apple or cherry wood will make for a mild, fruity flavour, but if you want a stronger smoke taste use mesquite or hickory
  • Place the Boerewors sausage on your smoker grills and close the lid. If you are smoking a number of sausages, make sure they aren’t too close together
  • Smoke until the internal temperature reaches 165F – measure with a meat thermometer
  • A bigger sausage such as Boerewors might take between 2-3 hours, but if you’re smoking smaller sausages it’ll be more like 1-2 hours
  • Check the sausage every 45-50 minutes or so to make sure it isn’t drying out and is cooking evenly. Spritz with apple cider vinegar or chicken stock (broth) if necessary
  • Serve with potatoes, rice, pasta or in a roll

FAQ’s About Smoking Sausages

Smoking Sausage Temp and Time

It will take 1-2 hours to smoke sausage somewhere in the range between 200-250F, slightly less time the closer you get to 250F. The exact timings will vary from smoke to smoke.

The most important thing to monitor is the internal temperature of the sausages – they need to come up to 165F or 74C to be ready to eat.

How Long to Smoke Sausage at 225F?

225F is really the optimum temperature to smoke food and low – not too high and not too low. It will take 1-2 hours to smoke sausage at this temperature.

How Long to Smoke Sausage at 200F?

At 200F it will take a little longer to smoke sausage than 225F, meaning it will be closer to 2 hours than 1 hour. You wouldn’t want to go any lower than 200F as the 200-250 range is optimum for smoking.

How Long to Smoke Raw Sausage at 250F?

250F is pretty much the max temperature for low and slow smoking. At this temperature it will take slightly less time than 225F but not an awful lot. It will still take 1-2 hours to come up to the correct internal temperature.

Smoking Sausage on Traeger

If you are lucky enough to own a Traeger grill set it to the Super Smoke setting, if you have it for extra flavour. Smoke your sausages on the Traeger for around 1-2 hours at 225F give or take, depending on the size of the sausages.

Traeger have a great recipe for smoking sausage from scratch using mesquite wood at the following link.


Can You Cook Sausages in a Smoker?

Yes! You certainly can and the extra flavours you get from your smoker will take your food to a whole new level.

What Goes Well With Smoked Sausage?

Smoked sausage is really versatile and goes well with a whole host of side dishes; potatoes, pasta, rice, in casseroles, stews or jambalayas, in a crusty roll with ketchup and mustard, or with whatever vegetables you have in the cupboard. The list goes on and on.

Check out this Instagram post on cooking Boerewors sausage on the Weber Go-Anywhere. It isn’t smoked but sometimes hot and fast grilling is necessary too!

BBQ Boerewors Sausage Recipe

If you would like some more ideas on smoking sausages you could try here:

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