Halloween Pizza Recipes and Food Ideas

It’s nearly that time of year again and what better way to celebrate than with Halloween pizza recipes? These Halloween pizza ideas are easy and fun, look brilliant, and will have kids and adults coming back for seconds.

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Halloween Pizza Recipes

Halloween Pizza Recipes and Food Ideas

We’ll give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for making Halloween pizzas at home for kids and adults. You can get creative with Halloween pizza names, Halloween pizza ideas, what toppings will make for the best Halloween pizza shapes as well as how to use your main pizza ingredients (pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, the shape of your pizza base & toppings) to shape your Halloween themed pizzas.

Let’s start with the best, stretchy, light, fluffy pizza dough recipes, and progress from there.

Pizza Dough Recipe to Make at Home

  • 1KG Tipo 00 Flour – Preferably High Gluten Content
  • 600ml Warm Water (1/3 Boiling Water – 200ml and 2/3 Cold Water – 400ml)
  • 4 Teapoons Fine Sea Salt
  • 7g Packet of Dried Yeast

Mix the salt, yeast and water together in a bowl for a few minutes. Place the Tipo 00 flour in a large mixing bowl. Pour the other ingredients into the bowl with the flour and use your hands to make a large dough ball.

Knead for around 10 minutes until you have a smooth round ball of pizza dough.

Cover the dough with clingfilm to cold prove (rise and develop more gluten) for 1-3 days for best results.

If you want to make the pizza that day, you will need to let the dough prove in a warm place until it has roughly doubled in size. This normally takes at least an hour.

This pizza dough recipe will make roughly 6-8 pizzas depending on how large you want the bases. 250g is about right for a medium sized pizza and around 300g for a large. If you want thin, crispy bases rolled out with a rolling pin you won’t need as much.

If you have a lot of guests to feed you can x2 or x3 these ingredients accordingly.

Pizza Dough Gluten Free Recipe

Although gluten is the glue that holds pizza dough and breads together, some us unfortunately can’t digest it properly.

If you are gluten intolerant, you will need to swop high gluten Tipo 00 flour for gluten free all purpose (plain) flour or gluten free bread flour. You will also need the addition of xanthan gum as a substitute for gluten (you can leave this out if your flour already has this in it) to help the base stretch out more easily.

Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ingredients

  • 1KG Gluten Free Pizza Dough (Caputo Gluten Free Flour is Great for This)
  • 600ml Warm Water (1/3 Boiling Water and 2/3 Cold Water)
  • 4 Teapoons Fine Sea Salt
  • 7g Packet of Dried Yeast

You also need to check that the yeast you are using is definitely gluten free, as not all of them are.

The Best Easy Pizza Sauce Recipe

To make the best easy pizza sauce, blend the following ingredients in a food processor or Nutribullet.

  • 2 Tins of San Marzano Tomatoes (Or Other Good Quality Tinned Tomatoes)
  • A Large Handful of Basil Leaves (The Stalks are Edible and Tasty too)
  • 2 Peeled Whole Garlic Cloves
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste

This amount of pizza sauce should be more than enough to cover your 6-8 pizza bases. If you have more guests you can x2 or x3 the amount.

Halloween Pizza Recipes and Food Ideas

When making these Halloween pizza recipes, you should think of your mozzarella cheese slices as your main weapon. You can change the shape of them in various ways, and because of the colour of the cheese they can become ghosts, spider webs, mummy bandages, skulls, the basis for creepy Halloween eyeballs, the eyes and mouth of a creepy pumpkin and a host of other ideas.

Have a look at the pictures for inspiration and ideas.

Your pizza sauce is already the colour of blood which is perfect for Halloween, but you can also use it as the background to a mozzarella skull, or a bloody border around your pizza.

Cut your basil leaves thinly to make eyes, a nose or a green background for a Day of the Dead pizza. The possibilities are endless.

Pepperoni slices are perfect for shaping Halloween eyes for skulls or creatures, or a smile for your Halloween pumpkin, ghost or any Halloween themed creature. You can also cut your pepperoni slices into triangles to make bloody vampire teeth.

You can also change the colour of your pizza sauce to really get creative. Simply add carrots, pumpkin or butternut squash to make the sauce more orange and then you can use it as a basis for Halloween pumpkin shapes.

If you need black for a witch, the pupils of spooky eyes or spider bodies use black olives.

You can also serve the pizza with fresh basil leaves to make a Halloween forest or the contents of a witch’s cauldron.

Halloween Pizza Recipes Mexican Day of the Dead

Halloween Pizza Ideas

  • Shape your dough into finger shapes and use pizza sauce or pepperoni for finger nails
  • Use pepperoni slices for the body of a spider then add the pizza sauce around it as legs
  • Make a creepy Halloween foot shape with mozzarella and square pieces of pepperoni
  • Use black olives on top of circular mozzarella cheese for Halloween eyeballs
  • Cut up fresh tomato triangles for eyes, mouth or teeth
  • Use red or green bell pepper slices for eyes, mouths and teeth
  • Use cleverly sliced chilli peppers for mouths and teeth
  • Shape the pizza dough itself into a Halloween creature and then fill in the face with toppings

Halloween Pizza Names

Here are some ideas for Halloween pizza names. Feel free to get creative and mix them up, and add your own.

  • Haunted Ham & Possessed Pineapple Pizza
  • Skull Surprise Pizza
  • Venomous Vampire Pizza
  • Freaky Frankenstein Pizza
  • Ghostly Graveyard Pizza
  • Witches Fingers (thinly stretched dough with chopped pepperoni fingernails)
  • Witch’s Brew Bacon and Mushroom Magic Pizza
  • Halloween Horrible Ham and Mushroom Pizza

Halloween Veggie Pizza

Use bell peppers, chilli peppers, black olives, carrots, basil leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash, pumpkin or eggs for eyes, ears, noses, hair, teeth, tongues, capes, brooms as toppings for your Halloween themed pizzas.

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