Top 8 Best Pit Barrel Cooker Recipes to Try Today

If you’ve just got a new Pit Barrel Co smoker, you’ll enjoy this article all about the best Pit Barrel Cooker recipes to try in this unique and versatile BBQ smoker.

Some of these recipes come from the Pit Barrel Co themselves and others are just great tried and tested smoker recipes in general.

Eat well. Be Original.

Top 10 Pit Barrel Cooker Recipes to Try Today

1 Herb Crusted Beef Tenderloin

This one comes from the Pit Barrel Co themselves, and it’s a straightforward and delicious dinner to make in any smoker.

You cover the beef in a crust of garlic, sage, rosemary, thyme and Killer Hogs Steak Rub and then smoke it over charcoal and hickory wood until it reaches your preferred level of doneness.

It’s an absolute feast and cooks so well hanging on hooks in your Pit Barrel Cooker.

2 Bourbon Braised Beef Short Ribs in the Pit Barrel Cooker

This recipe from is another great thing to smoke in your smoker.

The beef ribs are smoked in an aluminium tray in the Pit Barrel Cooker in a Bourbon, Coca Cola and BBQ sauce glaze.

The result is delicious beef with a great balance of sweet and savoury flavours.

3 Pit Barrel Pulled Pork with Ginger Ale

A large cut of meat such as pork butt is perfect for cooking in your Pit Barrel drum smoker because hanging the meat above the coals means the juices drop down and ignite, which in turn adds extra flavour to the smoke that circulates around the barrel.

Your Pit Barrel smoker is great for maintaining a consistent heat over a number of hours which is important for a long smoke such as this.

The ginger ale is a really nice touch, bringing sweetness and spiciness to the pork.

Try this one out as soon as possible!

4 Pit Barrel Signature Chicken Smoker Recipe

Using just Pit Barrel All Purpose Rub, a whole chicken and some olive oil, this is an easy and inexpensive recipe that only takes around 2 hours smoking time.

Your Pit Barrel Cooker can cook up to 8 half chickens or 4 whole ones at a time hanging from hooks, so you have flexibility for cooking for a bigger crowd.

5 Char Siu Pork in the Pit Barrel Smoker

There’s probably only one real way to improve the taste of Chinese style Char Siu Pork, and that’s by smoking it.

This great recipe from shows you how to do this – by hanging the pork inside your Pit Barrel Co Smoker over apple wood.

Absolutely delicious!

6 Smoked Turkey

Although a lot of people only think about smoking turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s a delicious and lean meat that should be enjoyed all year round.

A good sized turkey will feed about 6 people and it tastes so good after being hung and smoked in your Pit Barrel Cooker for around 4 hours.

Try it out at your next family gathering – it makes for a knockout Sunday lunch.

7 Pit Barrel Brisket – The Big One

Beef Brisket is the Holy Grail of smoked meat, and it’s notoriously difficult to get just right.

If the Pit Barrel can’t help you out here, it’s going to be a real sticking point.

Thankfully the Pit Barrel smoker is really well set up for smoking brisket, hanging from a hook and generating just the right amount of heat for the perfect cook time without drying out this delicious cut of beef.

Have a look at this great recipe below to help you smoke beef brisket to perfection.

Pit Barrel Smoker Brisket

8 Pit Barrel Smoked Chicken Wings

Don’t forget to use your Pit Barrel Cooker to smoke smaller cuts of meat on the grill grate.

This recipe comes directly from Pit Barrel and it’s straightforward, quick and super tasty. You just need chicken wings, All Purpose Pit Rub, and Sriracha hot sauce to ensure knockout results from your Pit Barrel Cooker.

It might just be the best appetiser you have ever tasted.

Pit Barrel Cooker Recipe Video

This a great instructional video for Prime Rib in the Pit Barrel Smoker.


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