10 Best Pizza Topping Ideas & Styles for 2023

If you are looking for some of the best pizza topping ideas and style for homemade pizza, you’re going to love this article.

Pizza Topping Ideas

10 Best Pizza Topping Ideas & Styles for 2023

1 Detroit Style Pepperoni Pizza

You just can’t beat pepperoni on a pizza – the spicy oils flavour the whole pizza and pool beautifully in the pepperoni itself. If you do it just right the pepperoni curls and crisps up for knockout taste and texture.

If you do your pizza in a rectangular pan Detroit Style, you will also have delicious crispy cheesy edges on your crust. There’s a reason why this pizza style is trending – it’s absolutely delicious.

Pizza Topping Ideas – Detroit Pizza

2 Diavola Pizza Recipe

If you haven’t heard of Diavola Pizza (Pizza Diavola) it translates as ‘Devil Pizza,’ because of the addition of fiery chillies.

Calabrian chillies from Italy are authentic but any fresh chillies work well.

Chilli is a great addition to any dish but there’s no denying that it works particularly well on homemade pizza.

3 Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

There is something undeniably enticing about Chicago Deep Dish pizza. The process involves a kind of upside down approach to pizza toppings – the cheese goes on top of the dough first, toppings come next and then the pizza sauce is applied last.

Although Chicago style pizza also includes the thin crust tavern style, it seems that Chicago deep dish pizza is more world famous.

You can definitely try a number of different pizza topping ideas, but pepperoni is a definite staple for Chicago deep dish pizzas.

4 Neopolitan Margherita Pizza

Neopolitan pizza requires 4 ingredients and no more – Tipo 00 flour, water, salt, and yeast. Usually it favours few toppings and Margherita pizza is a staple.

A few basil leaves are good but not essential for this delicious pizza which has a ‘bready’ crust with a slight chew as opposed to other pizza styles which have a crispier crust because of the addition of olive oil e.g. Roman pizza.

Pizza Topping Ideals & Styles

5 Calabrian Style Pizza

One of the best pizza topping ideas we know of is ‘Nduja sausage with extra chillies.

If you haven’t heard of ‘Nduja it’s a spicy and tasty Italian sausage. The oils from the sausage flavour your pizza perfectly, and if you love heat you can also add some extra chillies.

Absolutely delicious!

6 Roman Style Pizza

There are various pizza topping ideas for Roman style pizza to consider, but there is no denying the popularity of this pizza style.

Although Neopolitan pizza may be arguably the most well known Italian pizza style, Roman pizza is equally popular in Italy itself.

Roman style pizza is made with olive oil (unlike Neopolitan style pizza), baked in a rectangular pan and has a thin and crispy crust.

It’s a popular pizza topping idea and style to consider in 2023.

8 Vegetarian Pizza Topping Ideas – Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

This is a fantastic vegetarian pizza topping idea which is an undeniably great pairing.

Spinach and artichoke go so well together and this is especially true for pizza.

Try the link below for a great pizza recipe.

10 Pizza Topping Idea – Homemade Pizza Supreme

A Supreme pizza is a great combination of toppings and flavours – peppers, onions and meats.

It’s healthy, tasty and just an all round blend of pizza topping ideas.

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