Best Smoking Meats

With so many great meats to smoke it can be hard to decide what the best smoking meats are. Let us help you with guides and recipes about the best smoking meats.

For the most part the best smoking meats are large, cheap cuts of meat such as pork shoulder, beef brisket as well as pork and beef ribs which have lots of collagen and tough connective fibres that need a long time cooking low and slow to break down. Equally, small cuts of meat such as chicken wings and thighs as well as turkey legs can be good for smoking too.

Essentially, expensive (some would say good) cuts of meat such as ribeye steaks for example, are better for grilling quickly at a high heat. If you want to smoke a really good cut of steak you need to smoke it slow and low at 225°F for an hour or so and then reverse sear it a higher heat to get a nice charred effect on it.

Best Meats for Smoking at Home

Best Meats to Smoke Guide

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