18 Best BBQ Sides – Easy BBQ Ideas for a Crowd

If you need some creative ideas for the best BBQ sides, this could be the post for you. Easy BBQ ideas for a crowd can really help you manage your time and focus on the main dishes, as well as the dishes that take up most of your effort.

What are some of the Best BBQ Sides?

  • Sloppy Joe Sliders
  • Smoked Devilled Eggs
  • Buffalo Hot Broccoli Wings
  • Smoked Shrimp in a Chinese Style Marinade
  • Smoky Mac ‘N’ Cheese (with bacon)
  • Traeger BBQ Chicken Quesadillas
  • Pesto Pasta Salad
  • Elote (Mexican Street Corn)
  • Smoked Cheesy Potatoes
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Smoked French Fries
  • Smoked Cream Cheese
  • Apple Slaw
  • Tossed Green Salad
  • Goat’s Cheese, Beetroot & Walnut Salad
  • Smoked French Fries
  • Smoked Sprouts with Bacon
18 Best BBQ Sides
Best BBQ Sides Ideas

1 Sloppy Joe Sliders – An Easy and Tasty Best BBQ Side

Everyone loves a sloppy joe, but you may not have considered making BBQ sliders out of them, for a delicious and easy BBQ side idea. This great recipe shows you how.

You can even make the dish in advance, and warm it up in your BBQ smoker for a while before serving.

2 Best BBQ Sides – Jamie Oliver’s Lamb Kofta Kebabs with Pistachios

This brilliant BBQ side dish comes from Jamie Oliver but with all the exotic flavours of Greece and Turkey.

The pistachios, mint, yoghurt, salad leaves and citrusy flavour make this a really spectacular dish to serve at your next BBQ.

3 Traeger BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

You may not have considered serving Quesadillas as a BBQ side dish or appetizer before, but this recipe could well change your mind. These are easy to make, super tasty to eat, and they really look impressive too.

The tortillas are brushed with BBQ sauce and toasted for 5-6 minutes on each side, and have a super tasty filling of BBQ smoked chicken, peppers, cheese and jalapenos. Then use a pizza cutter to divide into 4 equal sized triangles.

Served with Pico de Gallo, Guacamole and Sour Cream, as well as your guests’ many praises.

Well worth a go!

4 Smoked Mac and Cheese with Bacon

We all know and love Mac n Cheese as a classic BBQ side but this recipe shows you how to smoke it for maximum flavour.

Leave out the bacon if it doesn’t suit your diet or lifestyle, but be prepared for one beautifully oozy, smoky, tasty side dish one way or the other.

5 Veggie Best BBQ Side – Buffalo Hot Broccoli Wings

This one is for the vegans and vegetarians, but could be surprisingly tasty for meat eaters too. The recipe calls for cooking in the oven but it obviously will taste way better in the smoker. Broccoli wings won’t take anywhere near as long to cook as chicken wings, and make a refreshing alternative for you and your guests.

6 Elote (Mexican Street Corn) Salad

This delicious salad take on the classic Mexican Corn on the Cob Elote, has all the flavours of the original but is just that bit more creative enough to wow your guests. The combinations of lime, mayonnaise, chilli and corn really make a knockout salad and BBQ side dish to die for.

7 Smoked Devilled Eggs

You might not have thought about making eggs in your BBQ smoker before, but it’s really worth it. If you want to speed things up hardboil them first, peel the shells and place in the smoker. If you’re happy with a low and slow approach while cooking other foods, put them in raw and let the smoker do its work.

8 Smoked Cheesy Potatoes

This versatile side dish will pair with almost anything. The flavours of bacon, onion, cheese, as well as a delicious dry rub make this one a real winner. We all love our mashed potatoes or fries but this BBQ side dish is one of the best uses of potatoes you might come across!

9 Smoked Shrimp in a Chinese Style Marinade

This great BBQ side dish can be served with a Chinese style salad, or with rice or noodles. The smoky, spicy, salty Asian flavours really are fantastic, and make for a really different yet delicious BBQ idea for a crowd.

10 A Surprisingly Tasty Side – Smoked Sprouts with Bacon

Brussel sprouts are a highly controversial vegetable – people seem to love them or hate them. If you like them, or don’t mind them too much you can massively improve their overall taste by cooking them low and slow in the smoker with bacon.

A great BBQ side dish all year round, but particularly at Christmas!

11 Oklahoma Joe’s Smoked French Fries

French fries are of course a classic BBQ side dish, but have you thought of starting them off in the BBQ smoker? This allows the fries to take on plenty of delicious smoky flavour before they are finished off in the deep fat fryer.

The result is next level smoky, flavoursome crispy fries.

Served with a Garlic and Parmesan dip. Absolutely delicious!

12 Classic Best BBQ Side – Coleslaw

Coleslaw is always a staple at every BBQ, however few of us are willing to go the extra mile and make it fresh, from scratch at home. It’s really very straightforward, and a great way to use up leftover vegetables.

The zing of apple cider vinegar over fresh cabbage, carrot and apples is so much better than anything store bought.

The apples bring a sweetness and further crunch to this Coleslaw recipe.

13 A More Unique Best BBQ Dish – Smoked Cream Cheese

You’ve probably enjoyed cream cheese in its various forms, most popularly on a bagel. You need to try this versatile BBQ side dish which can be spread on breads, crackers, baps, burgers – you name it.

You treat a block of cream cheese much like a piece of meat – covering it in a delicious dry rub and smoking it slow and low until it forms a delicious bark. The cheese inside stays beautifully moist but doesn’t melt.

Best BBQ Sides – Easy Salad Ideas

14 Classic Best BBQ Sides – Potato Salad

You can’t really go wrong with a class BBQ side like Potato Salad. Plus you can make it in advance and keep it in the fridge.

The dish is vinegary, smoky, a little spicy and wonderfully creamy. A great easy BBQ idea for any crowd!

15 Pesto Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are a staple BBQ side dish, but this recipe gives you a delicious homemade pesto (substituting hazelnuts for pine nuts) to make the salad much more exciting and fresh.

16 Goat’s Cheese, Beetroot and Walnut Salad

The classic combinations in this salad work so well. The sweet crunchiness of the beetroot, combined with mild, creamy cheese and the slightly bitter earthiness of walnut make this a salad you will want to make again and again.

It’s really straightforward too and has a delightful honey and mustard dressing.

17 Texas Caviar Salad (Cowboy Caviar)

This Texas-inspired salad is perfect for a BBQ. It’s made from black beans, black-eyed peas, tomatoes, corn and peppers. The tangy lime dressing will really set your taste buds tingling as well.

18 Simple Tossed Green Salad

We’ll leave you with a simple but highly effective best BBQ side idea – a beautiful tossed green salad that will pair with almost any meal.

This great salad has sunflower seeds, crumbled bacon and cucumber with a honey/mustard/apple cider vinegar dressing. A perfectly adaptable side for any event or time of the year!

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