How Long to Cook Steak on Pit Boss Grills?

If you’ve been wondering how long to cook steak on Pit Boss grills we’ve got some answers for you, along with some tips and suggestions about cooking steak on a pellet grill.

Pellet grill steaks are probably the best steaks around whether you grill them at high heat or smoke them low and slow before searing at high heat at the end of the process. In this article we will consider different steaks worth cooking in your Pit Boss, as well as different methods of cooking them.

That way you can decide what is the best fit for you and the folks you are feeding.

How Long to Cook Steak on Pit Boss Grills? (around 1 hour smoking time)
How Long to Cook Steak on Pit Boss Grills (around 1 hour to smoke)

How Long to Cook Steak on Pit Boss Grills?

How long you cook steak on Pit Boss grills depends on the method you want to use and the size of the cut of steak. You can grill your steak on your Pit Boss pellet grill at high heat quickly in just a few minutes (3-4 minutes a side for medium rare and 4-6 minutes a side for medium) or you can smoke the steak slow and low first and then sear it at a higher heat at the end of the cooking process.

If you choose to smoke your steak first (this is called the reverse sear method) it will take 45-minutes to 1 hour at 225F or 107C until it reaches an internal temperature of 115F or 46C, along with 1-2 minutes a side at high heat (450F or 232C) to finish it off.

You can watch the video below to see the process of reverse searing ribeye steak.

Cooking Steak on Pit Boss

Pit Boss Sear Plate Open or Closed?

When you are smoking any food low and slow in your Pit Boss smoker your sear plate should be closed. However when you want to sear something (e.g. a steak) at high heat to get a good char and bark on it then you should open your sear plate.

A closed sear plate allows you to cook food indirectly (as in smoke it) and an open sear plate allows your to sear food directly at high heat.

Medium Rare Steak on Pit Boss

If you want to cook medium rare steak on your Pit Boss grills then you are aiming for a final internal temperature of 130-140F or 54-60C.

If you want to quickly grill your steaks at high heat, get your Pit Boss grill up to around 450F or 232C and grill your steak for around 4 minutes a side for medium rare. Timings will vary according to the size of the steak.

Pit Boss Smoker Steaks

For a few ideas on which steaks to smoke on your Pit Boss smoker try this list:

  • Ribeye steak
  • Sirloin steak
  • Tomahawk steak
  • Rump steak
  • T-Bone
  • Porterhouse
  • Flat iron steak
  • Flank steak
  • Fillet steak (Filet Mignon)
How Long to Cook Steak On Pit Boss? 8-10 minutes for grilling about an hour for smoking
How Long to Cook Steak On Pit Boss? (8-10 minutes for grilling about an hour for smoking)

How Do You Cook Steak on Pit Boss Vertical Smoker?

Some Pit Boss vertical smokers only go up to 350F or 177C (e.g. Pit Boss Series 2 Gas or Electric Smokers) which means you will need to reverse sear your steak in a pan at high heat on the hob.

If you have one of the higher end Pit Boss vertical smokers you can get up to 450F or 232C which is hot enough to grill steak quickly or reverse sear it after smoking.

You can smoke your steak low and slow at 225F or 107C in a Pit Boss vertical smoker for around 1 hour until it reaches 115F or 46C and then finish it off at high heat of 450F or 232C for a delicious Pit Boss smoked steak.

If you would like a specific post on Pit Boss ribeye steaks reverse sear with a delicious compound butter recipe try the link.

You might also want to consider grilling or smoking a large bone-in steak on your Pit Boss which can feed 4-6 people. If so have a look at our reverse sear Tomahawk steak article.

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Happy steak smoking!

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