7+ Best Pit Boss Chicken Recipes To Smoke Today

These are hands down our favourite Pit Boss chicken recipes to smoke this weekend or right away. Some of these recipes come from Pit Boss themselves, some are our own recipes done on the Pit Boss, and some are from trusted websites which also use Pit Boss grills. All are delicious smoked chicken recipes.

We are Pit Boss afficionados but also affiliates just so you know!

If you don’t have a Pit Boss grill use whatever you have – Traeger, Masterbuilt, Z Grills, but this article is written with Pit Boss Pellet Grills in mind.

Pit Boss Chicken Recipes
Pit Boss Chicken Recipes

Best Pit Boss Chicken Recipes to Smoke Today

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Pit Boss Grilled Honey Chipotle Chicken Wings

Pit Boss Chicken Recipes
Pit Boss Chicken Recipes – Easy Grilled Honey Chipotle Wings

There’s something about the combination of spicy, smoky and sweet that will always work for chicken wings. Add a tasty Pit Boss Sweet Rub and you have outstanding smoked chicken wings for any occasion.

Pit Boss Whole Chicken Recipe

Pit Boss Whole Chicken Recipe

If you want to smoke a whole chicken on the Pit Boss grills this article is for you. It comes complete with step by step instructions, a dry brine, and tips on how to get a crispy skin on the whole chicken.

Pit Boss Chicken Breast Recipe

Pit Boss Chicken Breast Recipe

How Long to Cook Chicken on Pit Boss Grills

Cooking a whole chicken at 225F on the Pit Boss will take roughly 45 minutes per pound of meat. This means that a 4 pound chicken will take 3 hours roughly. A larger bird will take a bit longer.

What matters most is not the exact timings but the internal temperature which needs to come up to 165F at the thickest point of the chicken meat.

Have a look at this article for more information on the internal temp of chicken.

If you are cooking a small cut of chicken meat such as wings, thighs or breast it will only take 1-2 hours in the smoker at 225F. Again however it is crucial that the internal temperature of the chicken meat is 165F, no matter which cut of chicken it is.

Champion Beer Can Chicken on a Pit Boss

Pit Boss Chicken Recipes - Beer Can
Pit Boss Beer Can Chicken

This great beer can chicken recipe only takes 1.5 hours and requires a can of beer, BBQ sauce and some Pit Boss Poultry Rub.

It’s easy, delicious and just darn right fun.

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Pit Boss Smoked Beer Can Chicken.

Watch this Instagram video on smoking a whole chicken on a beer can below.

Bacon Wrapped Smoked BBQ Beer Can Chicken
Pit Boss BBQ Spices

Pit Boss Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are cheap to buy and easy to smoke. They also have more meat than wings so go a lot further. You’ll love this pellet grill recipe for chicken.

Pit Boss Chicken Thighs Recipe

Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Chicken Recipe

Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Chicken Recipe

If you want a Pit Boss recipe for chicken specifically using a Vertical Smoker then this Video Tutorial has everything you need.

Pit Boss Recipes for Beginners

This super simple Pit Boss recipe is very much suitable for beginners. If you are just getting started out then this is one for you.

Pit Boss Recipes for Beginners
Pit Boss Chicken Recipes for Beginners

Recommended Pit Boss Hardwood Pellets for Chicken

Recommended Pit Boss Rubs For Chicken

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