Pit Boss Smoker – What You need to Know

If you are thinking about buying a Pit Boss Smoker, we’ve got you. 

We’ll help you make an informed decision about these smokers, answering any burning questions you might have (sorry for the pun!) as well as give helpful suggestions and recommendations.

How Long Does a Pit Boss Smoker last?

A Pit Boss Smoker can last over 10 years if it is properly cleaned and maintained. 

The problem is many people do not clean it often enough, so it inevitably gets clogged up with grease, ash and bits of wood pellet.

To make sure your Pit Boss Smoker has a long life span, Pit Boss recommend cleaning the grill after you have run 18-27Kg or 40-60 pounds of pellets through the grill. 

The best way to clean the ash is to use a vacuum removing dirt and ash from the bottom of the grill and the firepot.

The flame broiler can be scraped, and then the grill wiped down. A degreaser is very helpful here.

Is it Expensive to Buy a Pit Boss Smoker?

Pit Boss tend to be good quality for the price, and for the most part cheaper than their main competitors e.g. Traeger. In fact Pit Boss have largely cemented their reputation on being cheaper than their immediate rival Traeger .

They are also more affordable in terms of comparable models than Grilla Grills, who also also have a budget no-frills range.

Traeger do have some advanced options available with their products, but that comes at a price you may not need to pay.

Do your research first, but in general it is cheaper to buy directly from Pit Boss, rather than a dealer who may add extra. 

How Do I Light my Pit Boss Smoker?

Make sure you have the lid open when you start your grill. Keep it open for 10 minutes or so with the smoke setting temperature at 80-100°C or 180-210°F. 

Now you can close your lid and then set your temperature to what you want for your smoke.

This first 10 minutes with the lid open means you won’t get a backdraft in the unit, and the barrel won’t get too much smoke into it too quickly. 

This also stops the firepot becoming overloaded with pellets. 

The igniter will stay on for the first 5 minutes and then automatically turn itself off. 

Once you are happy that you are up to the right temperature you can start putting your food onto your grills. Set up is pretty simple and quick. 

What Temperature Range Does a Pit Boss Smoker Have?

Pit Boss products have a temperature of between 82°C to 260°C and 180 °F to 500°F. That’s 50°F more than rivals Grilla Grills.

How Often Should I Clean My Pit Boss Smoker?

Clean your Pit Boss Smoker roughly every 18-27kg or 40-60 pounds of pellets that have been run through it. Use a vacuum for the ash, and a decent degreaser for the grills.

What Pellets Should I Use in My Pit Boss Smoker?

Pit Boss recommend that you use their brand of pellets, but of course other options are available. Have a look at our recommendations below:

Can I Use My Pit Boss Smoker When it Rains?

It’s important to keep in mind that this is an electrical appliance and as such it is dangerous to mix electricity and water.

Pit Boss suggest it will be alright in a light rain, but we would advise caution and suggest that it isn’t worth the risk. 

Was My Pit Boss Smoker Made in China? 

Pit Boss is based in the US, but yes like many big American companies (e.g. Apple) their products are manufactured in China. 

Does a Pit Boss Smoker Come With a Warranty?

Yes, Pit Boss comes with one of the longest warranties in the business – 5years. Many other smokers only come with a 3 year warranty, including direct rivals Grilla Grills. 

They also have excellent Customer support where you can actually speak directly to people who are willing to help. This is in somewhat short supply these days.

Who Owns Pit Boss?

Pit Boss are actually a subsidiary of Dansons PLC, who also own Louisiana Grills. 

They produce a wide range of Barbecues, Smokers, and accessories including some great rubs, vertical smokers, tongs, wooden cutting boards, grease buckets, meat thermometers, toasting forks, charcoal starters, burger presses, wing racks, fire pits, leather aprons, BBQ grill mats, charcoal igniters and a whole lot more.

Pit Boss Smoker Recipes & Ideas

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Happy smoking!

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