Best Pellet Grill Ribs Recipes 5 Different Ways

Here are our best pellet grill ribs recipes done 5 different ways, that you’ll want to be grilling and smoking the first chance you get.

If you are using your Pit Boss pellet grill for the first time try below for advice on how to do the ‘burn off,’ to get rid of unwanted chemicals.

Then you’ll be ready to smoke and grill these ribs recipes!

Smoking ribs is one of the most popular, fun and tasty things to do in your pellet grill.

Pellet Grill Recipes for Ribs

Best Pellet Grill Ribs Recipes 5 Different Ways

There are lots of ways to cook ribs on your pellet grill. You can grill your ribs hot and fast at higher temperatures, or smoke them slow and low over a number of hours to infuse smoke flavour. You can even do a mix of both – starting off slow and low and then turning up the heat after two hours or so.

It really depends on how much time you are willing to invest. Smoking ribs low and slow at 225F is always the ideal for taste and texture, but each cooking occasion is different and you may need to have your food ready quickly.

We have deliberately chosen a mix of quick, easy recipes as well as slow smoking recipes so that there’s something here for everyone.

These pellet grill ribs recipes are for pork ribs. If you would like try a few ideas for beef ribs, have a look below.

Pellet Grill Beef Ribs Recipes
Pellet Grill Ribs Recipes
Pellet Grill Ribs Recipes

Pit Boss Pellet Grill Ribs 221 Method

This great recipe from Pit Boss will have you smoking ribs like a pro in no time. In fact the ribs recipe is called ‘Competition Smoked Baby Back Ribs.’

The 221 method for ribs is as follows:

  • Preheat your pellet grill to 200F or set to smoke mode
  • Remove the membrane from the back of the ribs
  • Rub with seasonings of choice
  • Smoke ribs for 2 hours meat side up
  • Remove and place in an aluminium tray, add apple juice and tightly cover with foil
  • Turn the temp up to 250F and smoke wrapped for another 2 hours
  • Remove ribs from apple juice and coat with BBQ sauce
  • Turn the heat up to 350F and grill the ribs for a final 15 minutes or so

Pit Boss recommends their delicious Kentucky Whiskey Barrel BBQ Sauce, but you can use your own favourite sauce if you like.

321 Pellet Grill Ribs – Smoked Spare Ribs

The 3-2-1 method for smoking ribs is a well known method which is particularly straightforward for beginners, as it involves a steady temperature of 225F throughout the smoke.

  • 3 hours smoking the ribs on the pellet grills at 225F
  • 2 hours smoking ribs wrapped in foil on the grills
  • 1 hour cooking the ribs unwrapped and covered in BBQ sauce
Pellet Grill Ribs Recipes – 321 Spare Ribs

Traeger Ribs Recipe for Fall Off the Bone BBQ Ribs

This great recipe from Traeger takes a different approach again to smoking ribs.

  • Smoke the ribs on the pellet grills at 275F for 45 minutes
  • Remove the ribs and wrap tightly in foil, adding a mixture of apple and grape juice and honey
  • Smoke the ribs wrapped for another hour at 275F
  • Remove the ribs from the wrap and finish off unwrapped at a higher heat of 350F
  • Sauce the ribs in the last 5 minutes of grilling

3 Hours Easy Pellet Grill Ribs No Foil Recipe from Traeger

If you are short on time and want to make your pellet grill ribs in 2.5 – 3 hours, then this hot and fast Traeger recipe is the perfect approach for you.

You simply smoke the ribs directly on the pellet grills at 300F until the internal temperature of your ribs reaches 202F. Although you’ll need to spritz the ribs with apple juice every 30 minutes or so this is a no foil approach to pellet grill ribs.

Steven Raichlen Barbecue Bible 311 Pellet Grill Ribs

This interesting 311 method of cooking ribs provides a really interesting alternative to smoking ribs.

Concerned about the moisture level in his 321 ribs, the seasoned pitmaster Steven Raichlen felt that they were spending too long wrapped and in too steamy an environment.

He now thinks that ribs should be smoked for 3 hours unwrapped, only 1 hour wrapped, and then one final hour unwrapped to produce the best texture for ribs. This is the 311 method for ribs.

It’s definitely well worth reading this article as it is a refreshing and honest look at how to smoke ribs.

Pellet Grill Ribs Recipes – the 3-1-1 Method

Can You Smoke Ribs in 2 Hours?

You can smoke ribs in the BBQ smoker in around 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours if you cook at a higher temperature of 300F. This is the hot and fast method, rather than the low and slow method.

Can You Smoke Ribs Unwrapped?

You can smoke ribs unwrapped, but you will need to spritz them with apple juice every 30 minutes or so to stop them drying out.

It will take around 2 1/2 to 3 hours at a higher temperature of 300F to smoke unwrapped ribs.

Pellet Grill Ribs Internal Temperature

Whichever way you choose to cook your pellet grill ribs, you’ll want to make sure the internal temperature of the ribs is safely between 202-205F.

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