Top 10 Easy Crockpot Recipes to Slow Cook in 2023

Get some ideas for easy Crockpot recipes to make in your slow cooker this year with this article.

The convenience of a slow cooker allows you to leave a meal on low heat while you go about your day. It also uses up less electricity than your oven and won’t dry your food out.

This method of cooking is particularly good for large joints of meat which are fatty and tough, and need a lot of cooking time to break down to the right texture. It’s also a great way to make meals such as curries, stews, soups, casseroles or tagines that benefit from long cooking times to infuse flavour.

Easy Crockpot Recipes to Slow Cook in 2023
Easy Crockpot Recipes for 2023

Top 10 Easy Crockpot Recipes to Slow Cook in 2023

1 Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Ribs

Ribs are great for slow cooking, but if you don’t have time to smoke and tend them for hours in the smoker your Crockpot is also a great option.

We did these ribs using maple syrup as a binder, and made an easy homemade BBQ rub to go with it. To make things even more convenient just use your favourite store-bought BBQ rub instead.

Rub Recipe = 3 tbsps brown sugar, 1 tbsp smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon onion powder, 1 tbsp fine salt, 1 teaspoon black pepper.

Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs Blogpost
BBQ Ribs in the Slow Cooker

2 Crockpot Curry Base Gravy Indian Restaurant Style

Use this easy curry base gravy as the basis for all your homemade restaurant quality curries. Think of it like stock for risotto, bringing so much essential flavour into your dishes.

Great for freezing in batches in aluminium takeaway trays.

All you need to do is add some curry base gravy to chopped onion, tomatoes, meat or vegetables and some extra spices and you have restaurant quality curry at home!

For the Mix Powder
– [ ] 1 tbsp curry powder (we used East End’s Madras powder)
– [ ] 1 tbsp paprika
– [ ] 1 tbsp ground cumin
– [ ] 1 tbsp ground coriander
– [ ] 1 tsp Garam Masala
– [ ] 1 tbsp turmeric

For the Base Gravy
– [ ] 2 carrots roughly chopped
– [ ] 6-8 onions roughly chopped
– [ ] 1/4 head white cabbage roughly chopped
– [ ] 5-6 whole peeled garlic cloves
– [ ] Thumb sized piece of fresh ginger peeled and roughly chopped
– [ ] 1 small peeled potato roughly chopped
– [ ] Handful fresh coriander
– [ ] 1 tsp salt
– [ ] 1/2 Tim chopped tomatoes
– [ ] 2 tbsp veg oil
– [ ] water to cover the veg

Cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 8. The longer you cook the more flavour develops.

Blitz with a hand blender or in batches in the Nutribullet or food processor until it has a smooth, milky texture.

Have a look at the process along on our Instagram here:

Crockpot Curry Base Gravy Instagram Video

3 Easy Slow Cooker Paella Recipe

This delicious, classic Spanish dish is a great recipe for the Crockpot. The spicy flavours of chorizo really get into the vegetables and meat while cooking low and slow in the slow cooker.

It’s really convenient, easy and delicious Crockpot dish.

Check out the recipe at the link below:

Or get it here on Instagram:

Easy Slow Cooker Paella Recipe

4 Smoked Sausage Casserole in the Slow Cooker

This cheesy, tasty smoked sausage and potato casserole is made using Kielbasa smoked sausage. It’s perfect for midweek dinners and really straightforward to make with just a few ingredients.

Place your slow cooker on low, go about your day and come back to a really great Crockpot meal.

Cheesy Slow Cooker Smoked Sausage Casserole

5 Crockpot BBQ Chicken Recipe

This is another great Crockpot meal that you need to try this year.

It’s for fork-tender pulled BBQ chicken which you can serve as is, or in buns with coleslaw.

With just a handful of ingredients that you can place in your slow cooker ‘set it and forget it’ style, this recipe couldn’t really be any easier or more convenient.

6 Easy Spag Bol Slow Cooker Recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese is always best when cooked for a long time, but doing it in your Crockpot or slow cooker is probably the best way to get all those lovely Italian flavours into your tomato based sauce.

Simply leave it in the slow cooker for a few hours, and when you are nearly ready to eat boil your spaghetti for 10 minutes and then add to the crockpot.

Your kids will love it too!

Try our recipe here:

Easy Spag Bol in the Slow Cooker

Or watch the Instagram video here:

Easy Slow Cooked Spaghetti Bolognese Video

7 Crockpot Beef Short Ribs & Gravy

Beef short ribs are fantastic thing to do in the slow cooker as they break down beautifully and fall off the bone perfectly.

Serve them with mashed potatoes and gravy for a delicious Sunday lunch that everyone will enjoy.

8 Slow Cooked Butternut Squash Soup

Soups are brilliant for making in the slow cooker and this one is no exception.

The combination of butternut squash, sweet potatoes and carrots makes for a delicious, hearty and slightly sweet soup that’s perfect for cold nights.

9 Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

The classic French stew Beef Bourguignon is perfect for the slow cooker. Add your ingredients, leave it for a few hours and return to a flavourful dinner.

Serve it with crusty bread, rice or with potatoes.

Crockpot Beef Bourguignon Recipe

10 Easy Moroccan Chickpea Tagine Recipe

Tagines are another great thing to make in your slow cooker. Leaving the tagine in the crockpot for hours allows all those great Moroccan flavours and spices to combine beautifully.

You can serve it over couscous for a meat free meal, or you can add some cooked chicken, beef or lamb at the end.

Unboxing Our Crockpot Video

Unboxing Crockpot Video

FAQ’S About Crockpot Recipes

Can You Put Raw Meat in the Slow Cooker?

Yes you can put raw meat directly into the slow cooker. The meat will cook slowly in its own juices for hours until you are ready to eat.

You can brown the meat first for extra flavour if you wish, but this is optional.

What’s the Difference Between a Crockpot and a Slow Cooker?

Crockpot is actually a brand name and they call themselves the original slow cooker. The company was established in the 1970’s but the slow cooker itself as a means of cooking was created in the earlier 20th century.

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