Traeger Prime Rib Recipe

If you’re dying to smoke a Traeger Prime Rib you will love this post!

Smoked Prime Rib is beyond delicious, especially with fresh thyme and rosemary done on the Traeger pellet grill.

Aaah, perfection!

You don’t need to work too hard because those amazing bold, beefy flavours will do most of the work for you.

Traeger Prime Rib Recipe
Traeger Prime Rib Recipe

Traeger Prime Rib Recipe

Your family and friends will love this Traeger Prime Rib Recipe and talk about it time and time again.

It’s easy, straightforward and absolutely knockout. We just can’t wait to get started , and we’re hoping it’s the same for you.

traeger smoked prime rib
Traeger Prime Rib Recipe

Traeger Slow Smoked and Roasted Prime Rib

If you want to smoke an awesome Traeger Prime Rib, who better to go to than Traeger themselves?

After all they know how to use Traeger pellet smokers in the best way to achieve fantastic results.

They also understand the value of smoking slow and low over Pecan wood for best results.

Let us summarise the smoking process for you:

  • Set Your Traeger Pellet Grill to 250F – If you have the Super Smoke Setting Use it for Extra Smokiness in Your Prime Rib
  • Remove Any Excess Fat from Your Prime Rib (better to get your butcher to do this in advance)
  • Combine 5 Tablespoons coarse salt, 5 Tablespoons of black pepper, 3 Tablespoons of finely chopped thyme leaves, 3 Tablespoons of finely chopped fresh rosemary (leaves picked) in a bowl
  • Rub all over your Prime Rib Roast
  • Insert a meat probe into the Prime Rib roast, try to avoid bones and big fat pockets. Put the Prime Rib roast directly on the grills, put the lid down, and smoke until the internal temp of the meat is 120℉, which will take around 4 hours. Take the Prime Rib off the grills and then let it rest rest for 15-20 minutes.

Traeger Prime Rib Rub

  • 5 Tablespoons Coarse Salt
  • 5 Tablespoons Black Pepper
  • 3 Tablespoons Fresh Thyme Leaves
  • 3 Tablespoons Fresh Rosemary Leaves

How Long does it take to cook a Prime Rib on the Traeger Grills?

A Prime Rib will take around 4 hours in the smoker. Times are less important than temperatures however, your Traeger Prime Rib should come up to an internal temperature of 120F to be safe to eat. It’s important to rest it for around 15-20 minutes to help redistribute the juices across the tissues of the meat as well.

As a result of different temperatures outside, and the size of the Prime Rib itself every smoke will be different, which is why internal temperature is the key indication of meat doneness.

How Long Does it Take to Smoke Prime Rib at 225F?

Cooking your Prime Rib at 225°F in your Traeger smoker is definitely the perfect temperature to infuse smoke flavour into your meat. It’s best to factor in around 40 minutes per pound when smoking, so an 8 pound Prime Rib Roast will take around 5 and a half hours to smoke. A 6 pound Prime Rib Roast will take around 4 hours to smoke.

What Temp to Remove Prime Rib from the Grills?

Prime Rib Pellet Grill Recipe

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Prime Rib Smoker Recipe

Smoke your Prime Rib until the internal temperature is 120°F for medium rare. This will take in and around 4 hours, but always cook to temperature not times, and use a meat thermometer.

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Where to Buy Prime Rib Online

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