What is Pulled Pork Meat? 

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What is Pulled Pork Meat? Mac and Cheese Side

What is Pulled Pork Meat?

Pulled pork is a Southern US dish made from pork shoulder (also called pork butt or Boston butt) which has been cooked slow and low for a long time – usually 10-12 hours for a 10 pound pork butt.

Pork shoulder is a tough, fatty and cheap cut of meat and it needs a lot of cooking time to break down the connective tissue and fat.

It’s perfect for smoking over long periods of time. 

What is a Good Pulled Pork Meat Recipe?

Pulled pork meat is great served in a bun with coleslaw, BBQ sauce and sides like fries, mashed potatoes or corn on the cob.

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What is the Best Meat to make Pulled Pork from?

Pork shoulder is the best meat to make pulled pork from. It’s a triangle-shaped cut that comes from the animal’s shoulder, above the pig’s front leg. 

It is often sold bone-in with the skin on, and as part of the picnic ham cut with the leg bone of the pig also included.

What is the Best Liquid to Cook Pulled Pork in?

If you are slow cooking pork you can add beer, cider or apple juice to add flavour and maintain moistness.

If you are smoking your pork butt add your choice of liquid when you wrap the pork in foil for the second stage of the cook. 

We like a splash of cider or apple juice.

The pork will braise in the foil and avoid the ‘stall,’ where the internal temperature plateaus and stops cooking, unless you wrap your pork shoulder. 

How Long to Smoke Pork Butt at 225°F?

At the perfectly low temperature of 225°F it will take about 10-12 hours to smoke a pork butt. The longer you smoke it the more flavour it will have. You can shave off some time by cooking at a higher temperature of 250-275°F but we recommend 225°F to infuse as much smoky flavour as possible.

When Should I Wrap Pork Shoulder for Pulled Pork?

The stall will be different every time you smoke pork – it will depend on the environment in your smoker and the external temperature.

It usually occurs around 4-5 hours into the smoke at an internal temperature of 145°F-165°F or 63°C-74°C. Always use a digital thermometer to check this.

At this point you should wrap your pork butt/shoulder in foil or butcher’s paper and return it to the smoker.

Smoke the pork shoulder for another 5-6 hours wrapped until it reaches an internal temperature of 195°F, before you rest it for 20 minutes.

Is Pulled Pork the Same as Pork Shoulder?

The best cut of pork to use for pulled is pork shoulder. It is also called pork butt or Boston butt.  It’s important to note that pork shoulder is slightly different to pork butt because it comes from higher up on the shoulder. Usually it’s not a distinction that matters too much.

This tough and fatty cut is perfect for smoking slow and low for a long time until it can be pulled apart for moist and tender pulled pork.

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